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Latest Rate Changes / Texas Driving

Using carrier filings with the state, and data available from comparative raters, we are able to review rate changes from competitors. I like to share this information with agents so you can get a better picture of what is going on in the market. Carriers and MGAs continue to adjust to rapid inflation related to property damage costs. Labor costs and lack of workers, limited parts, and soaring vehicle valuations are impacting companies. The following includes known rate changes and estimates of their change:

  • Gainsco up 7%

  • Apollo down 3%

  • Dairyland up 5%

  • GEICO up 12%

  • Root up 5%

And here is a reminder of rate changes from the previous month:

  • Infinity up 7%

  • Liberty Mutual up 4%

  • Kemper up 5%

  • Alinsco up 5%

  • Direct General up 6-7%

  • Assurance America up 12%

  • Crestbrook (Nationwide) up 3%

  • Louis A Williams down 4%

  • Progressive up 4%

Here's a look at the Frequency of Lowest Rate from ITC

Not only are companies responding to inflation, but also to increased miles driven. As Texans sought to vacation this summer, return to in-office and school this fall, Texans are driving more than pre-pandemic habits. More time on the road = more potential loss. You'll notice two major drops in miles driven which were brief: April 2020 Covid shutdown and February 2021 winter weather statewide.

If you have questions or want to discuss please contact me.

Don Owens

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