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5 Creative Ways to Follow Up with Your Leads

Updated: Feb 28

As an insurance agent, it's important to follow up with your leads to convert them into paying customers. Here are five creative ways to follow up with your leads.

  1. Send a personalized email: Send a personalized email to your lead to follow up on their interest. In the email, remind them of the benefits of your getting a policy with you. In addition, offer to answer any questions they may have. Some custom email templates can be found here.*

*To access the templates, simply click on the file button and make a copy. You will then be able to custome the colors, fonts, and images.

2. Personalized video message: Use personalized video messages to follow up with your insurance leads. This adds a personal touch to your follow-up and helps to build a relationship with the lead. You can use a tool like Vidyard or Loom to create videos & send them via email