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What to Include in Your Insurance Agent Job Description

When writing a job description post for an insurance agent, you should consider including the following information:

Job Title:

Start with a clear and concise job title, such as "Insurance Agent," "Insurance Sales Agent," or "Insurance Broker."

Job Summary:

Provide a brief overview of the job and its primary responsibilities. This could include selling insurance policies, advising clients on coverage options, and building relationships with customers.


List the qualifications and experience required for the role. This could include a high school diploma or equivalent, a bachelor's degree in a related field, and relevant experience in the insurance industry.


Detail the specific skills needed to excel in the job, such as excellent communication and interpersonal skills, strong sales abilities, and proficiency in computer software programs.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Provide a detailed list of the specific tasks and responsibilities that the insurance agent will be responsible for. This could include identifying and contacting potential clients, preparing quotes and proposals, and processing claims.

Working Conditions:

Describe the work environment, including the typical work hours, whether the agent will work in an office or remotely, and any other relevant information.

Benefits and Compensation:

Provide information on the salary or commission structure, as well as any benefits or incentives, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.

Application Instructions:

Provide instructions on how to apply, including the deadline for applications, what documents to include (such as a resume or cover letter), and any specific application requirements.

By including these details in your job description post, you can help potential candidates better understand the job and its requirements, and attract qualified applicants to your agency. Finding qualified agents is becoming more and more difficult. Don’t hesitate to try something new. If you can hire someone with good communication skills and an ability to learn- they might end up being your best investment! Let us know how we can help you further.

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