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February Content Ideas for Your Agency

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Kick start your content for the month of February. There is no need to guess what you should be posting in 2023. Take some time and plan out your post. We are making it super easy to get started.

Black History Month Captions

Caption 1: Today marks the beginning of Black History Month! This month and every month, we celebrate the achievements of African Americans in history and our ongoing commitment to fighting against racism and inequality.

Caption 2: For the month of February, we’re celebrating Black History with a look at some of the greatest African-American writers, artists and athletes. (you could also switch out writers, artists and athletes to something that is more suited for your industry)

Caption 3: “Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

Caption 4: Today, we acknowledge the work of pioneering leaders and celebrate their achievements. #BlackHistoryMonth

Groundhog Day Captions 2/2

Caption 1: It’s Groundhog Day! What do you see? 🐻

Caption 2: Will the groundhog give us an early spring? We can only hope 💐

Caption 3: Groundhog Day is the day where we celebrate the fact that it’s still winter.

Caption 4: Does anyone else feel like they’re living the same day over and over? #GroundhogDay

You can also create more specific home content as this an opportunity to share things related to homes- think home insurance intenders.
  • 5 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring.

  • How to Create a Spring-inspired Outdoor Space.

  • Spring Cleaning Tips for Groundhog Day.

National Wear Red Day 2/4

Caption 1: Happy #WearRedDay! Our team is wearing red to show our support for the millions of people who are fighting heart disease (this is done, if your team wears red).

Caption 2: Today we want to bring awareness to the dangers and preventions of heart disease ➡ (this could be a carousel post stating the dangers and preventions)

Caption 3: Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America! Today, we wear red to show support for the many that are affected.

Caption 4: We support #NationalWearRedDay here at (company name) (pair this post with a team photo or video)

Super Bowl Sunday 2/12

Create a mini guide on social and give your clients some tips that will help them this Sunday.
  • Tailgating Recipes for a Perfect Game Day. (share some of your favorite recipes)

  • Activities to Engage Kids during the Big Game. (share how your kiddos are helping you prep for the big day)

  • Healthier Alternatives to Classic Game-day Snacks. (If you've been on a goal to increase wellness this year, share some alternatives with your clients)

Caption 1: We're here for the snacks and Rihanna 💃🍗

Caption 2: Today is for eating wings and watching the Superbowl!

Caption 3: Our team is cheering for the (team name)! Comment below who you're rooting for. ⬇

Caption 4: Swipe to see our team's go-to Superbowl snacks ➡ 🍕

Valentines Day 2/14

Caption 1: Find joy in everything you choose to do. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Caption 2: Wishing you everything that makes you happiest, today and always. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Caption 3: You give love, you’ll get it back, and today seemed like the perfect day to let you know. Happy Valentine’s Day from us to you.

Caption 4: We love what we do because of people like you. Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day.

Caption 5: Together is a wonderful place to be at ____ [insert your business name].

Caption 6: You make us the luckiest people in the world when you shop with us!

Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17)

Caption 1: Every day is Random Acts of Kindness Day! Show some kindness to the ones around you ♥ Caption 2: Your coffee is on us today! Grab one before they're out ☕ #RandomActsOfKindnessDay (You could put a digital Starbucks gift card on your Instagram Story and let your followers use until it runs out) Caption 3: A little bit of kindness goes a long way. Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day! ♥

National Love Your Pet Day 2/20

Share pics of your family pets. Ask your customers to drop a photo of their pets in the comments on Facebook. If you are on Instagram, ask them to tag your agency in Instagram stories with their pet photo.

Caption 1: I gave you a forever home and you gave me a forever love.

Caption 2: What greater gift than the love of a cat? National Love Your Pet Day

Caption 3: If there is a cuter way to show love, I haven’t seen it.

National Margarita Day! 2/22

Share your top 5 favorite spots to enjoy a margarita. Showcase local business in your area. Remember, this your opportunity to share content about "Enjoy Responsibly"

Caption 1: Our team wants to wish a Happy National Margarita Day! Remember to enjoy responsibly!

Caption 2: Team bonding is better served with Margaritas! Happy National Margarita Day! Please enjoy responsibly.

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