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Responding to The Market - Lowering DP

Consumers are battling the highest inflation in 40 years which is impacting the cost of fuel, food and everyday items. The rising costs have not slowed consumer travel as of yet. Miles driven remains high and consumers are spending money on air travel and other summer luxuries.

Total consumer debt is rising (up +5.4%) and this along with many large companies considering layoffs and the tech industry already making layoffs, may put greater pressure on consumers.

Alinsco is responding to the pressure consumers are feeling by lowering our downpayment requirements on June 15, 2022. In some cases the downpayment will lower by 8%.

Alinsco rates have proven to be desirable by consumers. Many agents are growing their book of business with Alinsco in the current environment. The new lower downpayment structure will improve your opportunities for conversion with Alinsco Enhanced and Select.

If you have any questions Marco and your sales team are available. You may also text me at 817-761-0247.

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