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Smart Driving Telematics

Smart Driving Discounts are now Available to All Texas Drivers.


Alinsco's smart driving program has expanded to the Alinsco Enhanced product. Agents will now be able to offer an automatic 5% discount to customers that fit in the Enhanced Program. Clients with good driving habits and/or low miles driven can see more savings after only 30 days of driving history

Start Saving

With Telematics

Key Attributes of Alinsco's Smart Driving Program

  • Automatic 5% discount at the start of the policy.

  • Foreign & expired driver's license now accepted.

  • Safe drivers can save up to an additional 20% up to 25% after 30 days of trip logging.

  • Those with low miles driven can save up to additional

For questions or for more information on how to quote and bind with Alinsco's smart driving program, please reach out to your marketing and sales rep.

Alinsco Insruance is proud to partner with leading Texas agents by providing smart tools and tech to their clients. The organization stands commited to test new technologies as they assist in better understanding Texas drivers.

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