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Texas Market Update & First Text $500 Winner


Thanks again for the opportunity to interact with you via text. Please share your thoughts and ideas any time. Congratulations to Aurora R. of Odessa, Texas our first agent winner of $500.00 for joining my text community.

You could win $500.00 in March - Have fellow employees in your agency sign up for my text update. When they send their first text have them text your name to 817-761-0247 as the referral and then click the link they receive. I'll choose one person who referred a colleague and the new follower. These must come from people on the payroll in your company.



Rates in the Texas Non Standard Auto Market dropped slightly since March 2020. This is related to the impact of COVID-19 on miles driven and a drop in frequency, however, severity has continued to grow. Fatalities also grew in 2020.

Below is a look at rate change index for 30 auto programs in Texas since January 2013.

There was growth in fatalities even prior to 2020. "Demographic populations such as older and younger drivers who are over involved in crashes will grow significantly. Aggressive driving and speeding are becoming more common with increased travel and congestion. The improvements in the fatality rate have been flat for the past several years as has our progress with drunk driving. With yearly increases in travel and no improvement over our current safety performance, fatalities and injuries could increase." NHTSA

LexisNexis provided a report on severity in May of 2020, a trend which continues and will impact rates with a need for increases in the coming 12 months as miles driven return to previous norms.

Text me if you have any thoughts about this and more.

Appreciate you choosing Alinsco,

Don Owens

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