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March Quote Growth / Rate Predictions / 50 Year Celebration


Looking at the number of quotes through comparative raters showed a strong rebound from February quote counts, however, no larger one week surges as seen in 2020. The extension of the tax deadline to May 17, 2021, the Texas winter storm, and the slow release of some stimulus checks may have tempered first quarter sales.



Auto Insurance Rates fell over the past twelve months related to a decrease in driving nationwide. This also may have slowed quoting as insureds were paying less at renewal and not seeking change. Driving in Texas is back to pre-pandemic levels and with the pre-pandemic increase in loss severity the market should see auto insurance rates begin to take an upward turn.



Our organization began the celebration of our 50th year this week! The owner of Alinsco, Al Boenker, began as an independent agency in the Fort Worth, Texas area and grew vertically in the industry over the past 50 years. We put this commitment to slow and careful growth to work in our service to you. Alinsco is celebrating its 17th year in service to you and independents across Texas. Our thanks to you an your choice of Alinsco over the years.

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